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Submitted by Cathy ODonnell on September 4, 2012

To the casual observer, Fairfield’s campus might look a bit quieter during the summer months.  However  there were many projects underway during the summer of 2012 that have resulted in important campus enhancements and were completed in time for the Fall 2012 University opening.  David W. Frassinelli, associate vice president for campus operations, reports that the summer is the perfect time for campus projects to be completed because they cause the least disruption for students during the academic year. “My friends comment that it must be great working at a University and having the summers off. If they only knew!”

Below is a summary of some the improvements completed over the summer months:

University Field:  The athletic field was changed from astro turf to a 7/8” sand dressed synthetic surface.  As a multi-purpose turf, it will serve the needs of the women’s field hockey team, practice field for a number of other teams as well as summer athletic camps. The scoreboards for University Field and softball were upgraded to LED displays.

Road improvements:  – During the summer, a portion of  McInnes Road,  which runs between Fairfield Prep and the University’s Recplex (otherwise known as Prep Alley), was relocated to the west and a new sidewalk/retaining wall with lights was constructed.  This enhancement will help accommodate Prep’s future expansion plans  which is scheduled to take place in the Spring of 2014.

Lighting:  The next time you drive down Loyola Boulevard at night, take special notice of the new 14’ light poles that were installed.  Not only will the lighting be more aesthetically pleasing, but these new light poles now conform to the University’s LED campus standard and will reduce power consumption by 75%.   The old 12’ light poles that were on Loyola Boulevard been recycled and retrofitted to the new LED standard, and have been installed along new  campus walk ways.

Walkways:   A quick stroll around campus and you will notice several new walkways and the refurbishing of existing surfaces.  New pavers have been installed around the entrance to the Barone Campus Center (BCC) and the patio in front of the Oak Room.

Often times new, permanent walkways are created from popular footpaths created by people taking short cuts on the grass or “voting with their feet”.   There are new concrete walkways to and from Donnaruma and Canisius Halls, particularly a new walkway leading to the patio in front of the Oak Room at the BCC.   To enhance the campus visit experience for tour groups, a new staircase from the Kelley Center and a slightly raised walkway across Loyola Boulevard has been completed.

Landscaping will continue throughout the fall as new plantings will further enhance the beauty of the 200-acre Fairfield University campus.

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