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Dr. Susan Franzosa

Dr. Susan Franzosa, dean of the Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions, has been invited by Gov. Dannel Malloy to serve as a member of the Educator Preparation Advisory Council, which will convene regularly in Hartford over the next year. The Council will develop a system for the approval, quality, regulation and accreditation of Connecticut educator preparation programs.

The Connecticut State Department of Education has identified an urgent need for effective school leaders in the wake of a study showing that pass rates for graduates of Connecticut’s 15 teacher preparation programs varied considerably, indicating that a number are not preparing students to teach reading, and that there is substantial variation in program quality.

“In our efforts to improve the quality of our state’s schools and close the achievement gap, the importance of well-trained and adequately prepared educators cannot be overstated,” noted Commissioner of Education Stefan Pryor in a letter. “A large body of research shows that the single most important school-level factor impacting student achievement is the quality of a student’s teacher. A similar consensus supports the notion that schools cannot be great without great leadership.”

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