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The Cranford, N.J., native was riding the train back to Fairfield from her job at Macy’s in New York City, when a Fairfield alumnus near her struck up a conversation about school and her career plans. She told him she was an editor at The Mirror and that she’d love to work for Fox someday. As luck would have it, Briggs happened to be in the same car, overheard the conversation and offered her a day at Fox headquarters.

On the appointed day, DiGiovine, who is minoring in New Media Film, Television, and Radio, toured the studios and control rooms and even met the show’s executive producer. But she said she was caught off guard when Briggs, who was chatting with two other hosts, called to her to come up on stage so they could offer her some career advice. “I had no preparation,” she said. “It was totally off the cuff.”

While she admits she was “in serious shock for the first 10 seconds,” she quickly calmed down and enjoyed the segment. “I was excited,” she said. “I was literally experiencing what I want to do.”

DiGiovine’s poised, relaxed appearance comes, in part, from years of being on stage. A seasoned dancer, she took lessons each day in Manhattan through her high school years and goes into the city a few times a week to work as a fit model – “a human mannequin,” she laughed – for Macy’s, Aeropostale, American Eagle and other clients launching new clothing lines.

“When I heard a Fairfield student was on the Fox News morning show and engaged the hosts, I wasn’t surprised at all that it was Emma,” said Dr. James Simon, associate dean, College of Arts and Sciences, who taught her in a newswriting course. “She is tenacious, showing an almost pit bull level of intensity in pursuing news stories and going after what she wants. This passion will serve her well in journalism or any other career she winds up pursuing.”

Briggs, who also co-hosts Fox & Friends First, was also impressed. “It’s rare that I meet an aspiring journalist so focused and both willing and ready to learn,” he said. “This business can be cruel in terms of hours, money and location so it takes a rare combination of drive, discipline and intelligence and it appears Emma has those qualities.”

DiGiovine said she believes journalism is the right fit for her future and she hopes to secure a summer internship with Fox or another media outlet.

“I’ve always thought I had the personality for journalism,” she said. “It would allow me to be in front of people and express myself, but also to use my brain. And I’m willing to work up from the bottom, if I have to.”











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