Alumni Profile: Betsy Lowe

Submitted by Virginia Weir, Assistant Director of Advancement Communications on November 2, 2012

I realized that the concept of ‘men and women for others’ is not just a catch-phrase or a tag line, but rather a way of seeing yourself and your role in life. I believe in giving back.

Betsy Lowe ’97

Major: Politics

Program: Full-time mother and volunteer

why fairfield…

I took my college search process pretty seriously. My father was the one who recommended I look at Fairfield. Having grown up in Connecticut, he was familiar with the school and knew several alumni—including our family dentist. It was the last school I visited the summer before my senior year, and as soon as we went on the tour I was sold. I remember walking back to the car after our visit, beaming….telling my parents Fairfield was my first choice. (My positive experience on my tour would later lead me to apply for my first job as an admissions counselor.) There was just something about the campus – maybe it was the warm, nurturing people or the welcoming campus – but I had an inherent feeling that I could really see myself thriving at Fairfield.

potluck dinners in the townhouses…

In my junior year, I had the opportunity to live in the 8 Block of the townhouses, which created a feeling of independence and a sense of community. My roommates and I became good friends with our neighbors and I have fond memories potluck dinners. We started having these dinners during winter snowstorms, but they continued right up to the night before we all left for the summer. Everyone would bring something, and the meals were often quite elaborate.

I became friends with some amazing people, many of whom are still part of my life today. It was a joyful sense of a newfound family. Forging these relationships at such a transformative time made them truly lasting and important.

career path…

I started out working in the Office of Admission at Fairfield University, and from there moved into a human resources position at a large corporation in New York City. I now live just outside Boston, and am a full-time mother of three.

Two years ago, I became involved with several committees at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, including the hospital-wide Patient & Family Advisory Council and the Ethics Advisory Committee. I find that my volunteer work gives me the flexibility to be at home with my family, while keeping me engaged in the community and giving me a sense of personal fulfillment. Although I am not working full-time for a company, I continue to use my skills and my life experiences to help make a difference.

Influential Faculty: Fr. Tom Regan, S.J.

I met Fr. Tom Regan, S.J. , during summer orientation of my freshman year and was finally able to get into his philosophy class my senior year. I still have the books we read for that class—Kafka, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche—and I remember how much I enjoyed his lectures and the study groups we would have before a big exam. He was tough, but I appreciated the way he forced me out of my comfort zone. In working at the University, I was fortunate to also have the opportunity to work with him, and we remain in contact to this day. He has played a number of roles in my life—priest, teacher, colleague, mentor, and friend.

Life Lessons

When I started my volunteer work at the hospital (BIDMC), I found that people were interested in understanding why, so I began to ask myself the same question. In searching for the answer, I realized that the concept of “men and women for others” is not just a catch-phrase or a tag line, but rather a way of seeing yourself and your role in life. I believe in giving back.

Why I give back

I see the value of a Fairfield education and I believe in the values of the institution. In giving back, I hope to give others opportunity.

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