Submitted by Virginia Weir, Assistant Director of Advancement Communications on November 2, 2012

I have seen the many changes that Fairfield has gone through. It may be bigger and co-ed, but the philosophy of educating the whole person is still evident. This makes it easy to give back both financially and as a volunteer… Frank Zaino ’66

Frank ’66 and Tim Zaino ’96

Majors: History (both)

Occupations: Frank: Dentist; Tim: Fixed Income Sales and Small Business Owner

ABout Frank and Tim

Frank: At the end of my sophomore year at Fairfield, I decided to go to dental school. This took some maneuvering since I wasn’t a biology major. Upon graduation, I received a B.A. in American history and had enough science credits to be accepted at Georgetown Dental School. Little did I know that D.C. would not only be the venue for my professional studies, but the place where I would meet my wife, Dale-Beth.

It was a great four years at Georgetown. Dale and I got married after graduation and headed out to Ft. Knox, Kent., in the Army Dental Corps. There, we started our family. After my daughter Megan was born, we headed north to Connecticut, since my wife is from Darien. I would have never have guessed that we would settle in Fairfield.

I opened my practice and we had our second child Tim (’96). We renewed our ties with Fairfield University and also became very heavily involved with the town. We had two more boys, Bart [Villanova] and Greg [Scranton]. Megan went to Providence. We are blessed to have eight lovely grandchildren. I still practice full time as a general dentist and am fortunate to have a son-in-law as my partner.

Tim: After Fairfield, I started in market research and sales in the consumer packaged goods industry. I eventually transitioned into finance and got my MBA at NYU Stern School of Business. I currently work in fixed income sales at Gleacher & Company in New York. Additionally, my wife and I launched a small business called Log Out and Live! It’s a lifestyle brand committed to spreading a positive message through our high quality apparel and accessories. We are inspiring everyone to take time away from technology to do something active or connect with someone in person. Aside from our careers, we have our hands full with three children under 6!

Why Fairfield

Frank: I grew up in Westbury, Long Island, and attended Chaminade High School. I knew I wanted to stay in New England, and decided on Fairfield for its location, sense of community, beautiful campus, and strong Jesuit values.

Tim: I wanted to stay in New England and go to a small, competitive school. I was attracted to the faculty whose first priority was teaching. I also valued the Jesuit ideal of cura personalis, or development of the complete person. Finally, the opportunity to help build a competitive Division I Lacrosse program appealed to me.

Most Memorable Things About Fairfield & Favorite Faculty

Frank: Fairfield was an all-male campus when I attended, and the camaraderie between students is a great memory. Many relationships formed at Fairfield remain strong to this day. Also, my professors were always there to help, especially Dr. Donald Ross. He guided me through the complexity of applying to dental school as a non-biology major. I was able to study American history, which I love, and still attain my career goals—all thanks to him.

Tim: My favorite memories are many: the great, long-lasting friendships. Remarkable classes—particularly in history and science. Helping build the Division I Lacrosse program. Attending basketball games in Alumni Hall. Living at the beach for two years, and the unforgettable times at the Grape, the Naut, and at Clam Jam.

The administration and faculty created a support network and acted as an extended family. As I grew in the classroom, I was able to make strides on the athletic field, in volunteering, and in other extracurricular activities as well. I am grateful to them all. In particular, I enjoyed history with Dr. McFadden, physics with Dr. Haegel, and time spent with my lacrosse coaches.

What Tim and Frank Have Taken With Them from Fairfield

Frank: We all grow and mature during our four years of college, but Fairfield imparted some special things on my life. It gave me a great liberal arts education based in solid Jesuit values and ethics. This is something that is lacking in this fast-paced world of impersonal communication.

Tim: Through a strong liberal arts education, I learned how to better reason, debate, and communicate (in writing and orally). I also focused on the Jesuit ideal of developing the complete person—in mind, body, and spirit. Finally, I learned about being a person-for-others and the importance of helping those in need.

Why They Give Back

Frank: Since I am lucky to be close to campus, I have seen the many changes that Fairfield has gone through. It may be bigger and co-ed, but the philosophy of educating the whole person is still evident. This makes it easy to give back both financially and as a volunteer.

Tim: Fairfield University has been a major influence in my life. I value Fairfield’s commitment to the liberal arts, to developing the complete person, and to excellence. The University has come such a long way thanks to the administration, faculty, students, alumni, and friends. I firmly believe Fairfield is poised to continue to grow and will be more regularly mentioned along with prestigious schools in the nation in the years to come! Alumni giving—either financially or through volunteering—has been and always will be part of Fairfield’s continued success.

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