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Submitted by Carolyn Arnold on December 10, 2012

To get a job you need experience; to get experience you need a job. And an discount cialis fedex. has always encouraged its students to consider applying to internships as a way to gain practical experience in professional fields and discover what career options are available to them. Each semester students engage in a variety of internships with the assistance of faculty, staff, and business contacts. cialis price canada.

Kristen Curran ’14

Kristen Curran ’14 interned with cialis pill online. to experience the day-to-day duties expected of professionals pursuing careers in financial planning.

The Westchester, N.Y., native chose to major in finance because of the amount of opportunity that the field provides. “There is so much one can do with a finance degree,” she said. “Financial analysis, asset management, financial planning, corporate finance… the list is endless.”

Over the years, the junior selected a range of elective courses that would expand her analytic, communicative, and professional intellect. When it came time to consider applying for an internship, she applied for one that she knew would complement her studies and advance her practical finance skills.

Price Financial Group’s mission statement focuses on empowering women and retirees to take charge of their finances and develop financial plans that will support them throughout their lives. Curran duties include analyzing investments on a client and firm basis by identifying trends, risk, and opportunities and prepare portfolio information for analysis. In addition she is helping update the company website and has been implementing a social media marketing strategy.

Adjusting to working and going to school took some time, she said. The already-busy student is the founder and president of buy cialis online viagra watch. . She’s even training for the 2016 Olympic Trials! “Balancing everything is extremely difficult,” Curran said, “But I have a mantra: ‘execute the plan!’ My strategy for juggling so much is planning. But sometimes my plan can seem daunting once I am in it…that’s why I say, ‘execute the plan!’ I make a plan with detailed time constraints to ensure e

verything gets done. However, we don’t live in a perfect world and things come up so it is critical to adapt. Organization and time management are key.”

The added investment in the internship has been worth the time. Curran, who hopes to procure a full-time job at Bridgewater Associates or SAC Capital Investors once she gradates, noted that she has learned “a tremendous amount about the markets,” and has been kept up to date on current events through her work. “The most important thing I have learned so far is how critical marketing and sales are in financial planning,” she concluded.

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