Dante specialist Dr. Sara Diaz interviewed on “Sunday Night”

Submitted by Carolyn Arnold, Associate Director, Marketing & Communications on July 22, 2013

Dante specialist Dr. Sara Diaz, interim program director/coordinator of Italian language, Department of Modern Languages & Literatures, discussed Dante’s Inferno and best-selling author Dan Brown on Sunday Night on Australian television. Detailing the creative punishments in Dante’s text, she noted that the adulterous lovers are “…made to suffer being together for eternity.” She added, “That which they desired most in life is their fate forevermore in death.” The clip featured formed part of a larger conversation about Dante’s enduring influence on contemporary art, music, cinema, literature, and even video games. Sara Diaz 1


Appeared on Sunday Night on 6/16/13. View the YouTube clip here.


For more on Dr. Diaz, visit her faculty profile.

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