History Class finds global connections on campus

Submitted by Carolyn Arnold on November 1, 2013

Students in Bellarmine Hall

Dr. Danke Li’s HI 10 C01 freshmanclass took a walk on Oct. 8, 2013 to find global connections on campus.  The class first visited the Japanese Garden and then the Bellarmine Hall to view the chinoiserie wall-paper that decorated one of the rooms.  Chinoiserie was a hybrid Chinese/French art form popular during the 18th century in Europe.







Students at the Japanese Pond













Students in Jogues Hall

On Oct. 16, the class held a global food festival at Jogues Hall.  The class cooked five different kinds of ethnic food together and quizzed each other on the knowledge of trans-crossings of goods, ideas, and people during 1500-1800.

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