Undergrad profile: Eric Lynch 14

Submitted by Deirdre Bennett, Assistant Director, Student Affairs Communications on November 8, 2013

One of my mentors on campus is a Jesuit. From time to time he invites me to catch up at the Jesuit Residence. We discuss politics, faith, campus issues, film, sports, and life…

Eric Lynch ’14

Hometown: Harrison, New York

Major: Politics

Minor: Minor in Peace & Justice Studies

I chose Fairfield because…

In my search for the right school, finding a Jesuit university was very important to me. Fairfield also offered me the best overall community. When I visited, everyone was friendly and cared about one another. The students at Fairfield felt at home and truly loved the University. My hosts were not just feeding me a practiced line, but instead, shared their genuine passion for Stag Country. 

I chose my major because…

When I was in my first-year I registered for PO 11: Introduction to Political Theory. I could not put the texts down. We read Hobbes and Locke to analyze their theories on human nature, while also studying the historical contexts behind systems like anarchy and socialism in order to understand why they came about at those precise moments. I was hooked after we read Lord of the Flies as a political text rather than a work of literary genius. No other course of study left me questioning the world around me like my first politics class and I wanted to continue that process.

My favorite thing to do on campus is…

One of my mentors on campus is a Jesuit. From time to time he invites me to catch up at the Jesuit Residence. We discuss politics, faith, campus issues, film, sports, and life over a delicious meal from their kitchen.

What’s your most memorable academic experience?

In a class about the politics of sex, sexuality, and gender, I visited the Museum of Sex in New York City. I stood next to my professor as a sophomore and together we analyzed an R-rated exhibit. Before I entered this class I was not able to casually discuss these subjects, but eight weeks later I was deconstructing a taboo display through a social constructivist lens. For an aspiring political scientist – this was a very exciting afternoon.

Outside of the classroom, my favorite thing at Fairfield that really enhances my experience here is…

My experience in the Department of Student Programs & Leadership Development has been very important to me in my time at the University. I’ve served as a mentor to nearly 20 first-year students and a supervisor to over 100 student leaders. I’ve twice assisted in the organization and implementation of the University’s Orientation, Fall Welcome, and First Year Experience programs. Recently, I was the student leader on a project to create, design, and set-up a new alternative programing space on campus known as South Side Cafe. Since my first year, this department has challenged me to grow which has resulted in a number of marketable skills and experiences for future employers. I also made some friends and had a little too much fun along the way.

When I have free time, I like to…

If I have a free moment I like to read The Mirror, our campus newspaper. The stories keep me updated on campus issues and I like to support my peers who are putting together this product. I don’t always agree with the views that are shared, but that’s when an issue is most interesting! I’ve written a couple of Letters to the Editor in my time at the University. I think it is important to participate as a reader because it challenges the published idea to be a discussion between the author and its readers.

One thing I wish I knew about actual college life before I got here is…

I wish I had known that college offered too many options. On any given week, I am turning down a chance to see an interesting lecture or attend an awesome event because I already have other campus commitments filling my schedule.

One positive thing I have learned about myself since coming to Fairfield is…

Before coming to Fairfield, I did not considered myself a creative person. Over the course of my four years I’ve been challenged to think outside-the-box and I continue to surprise myself.

After graduation, I plan to…

Right now I am planning to participate in a post-grad service program, but I am open to where opportunities lead me.

The one Fairfield experience I will always remember will be…

I was invited to present the Class Gift at the Convocation for the Class of 2017. Although nervous, I enjoyed the experience to speak before the Class and share some of my experience at the University.

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