Do you have interesting stories you would like to share with the world?  Contact Tebben Lopez who has created a new website encouraging visitors to contribute content.

“Be Cause is an e-zine presenting topics and issues to cultivate mindfulness and com/passion. The “Be” and “mindfulness” pertains to content that informs and expands our awareness of the world around us. The “Cause” and “passion” encompasses content that incites us to action, that calls us to care about and change things.

These messages are delivered through all platforms of communication by utilizing expository and creative writing, photography, video, audio, drawing, graphic design, painting, etc.

The focus is on content for and about the bettering of our world. By presenting articles, photographs, film, poetry and illustration, be cause aims to encourage a more mindful concept of the global condition and instigate biocentric passion. This includes cultural explorations and appreciations, commentary on humanitarian problems and efforts, and investigations into environmental phenomenon and concerns. To this end, topics can range from the 18th century Enlightenment influence on human rights to NGO efforts in wildlife conservation to the vanguard neuroscientific research on the health benefits of meditation.

As a concerned and passionate individuals who have something they feel needs attention, content contribution is welcome. Topics could be about something that should change or something fantastic that should be appreciated.

be cause is here offer a platform for meaningful contemplation, leading to discussion, that can change the world for the better.”