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Get involved in The Collegiate Closet II

This Spring a group of students in Alliance and the Gender, Sex and Sexuality Commons are working with the WGS program and faculty and staff across campus to re-create the quantitative survey and qualitative insights first completed in 2007 about the climate on campus for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.  There will be an organizational meeting on Thursday March 1 at 7PM in the WGS office (DMH115).  Anyone wanting to be involved should come to this very brief meeting.  And for your reading pleasure, here is a link to the original Collegiate Closet report.  It will be interesting to see what (if anything!) has changed.  Expect an update at the end of this semester!

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Vote for the Gender, Sex and Sexuality Commons!

I stole the text from what the fine folks in Media Relations already wrote, but add my two cents that this is an awesome program run by great students (who happen to be WGS minors, natch) and you should go here and vote!

And here is what you’re voting for:

Fairfield University’s student-led initiative, has been selected from among thousands of proposals from across the nation as one of the 15 top finalists for the first ever White House Champions of Change Challenge. Selection of the top five projects will be determined by a public vote on the project that best embodies President Barack Obama’s goal to win the future. The top five vote getters will be honored at a March 15th reception at the White House. Moving is currently in progress and will continue through Saturday, March 3.

Individuals may vote on the project by visiting the following website:

The Fairfield project, The Gender, Sex and Sexuality Commons, was begun by Rachel Lang, a member of the class of 2014 from Milford, Connecticut, who is majoring in International Studies and Politics. Lang worked with Marssa Tota, senior, Alex Cody, senior, Alicia Bissonnette, senior, Jesus Nunez, sophomore, and Astrid Quinones, sophomore , to create a safe space on campus to converse about LGBTQ issues as well as those pertaining to gender, sex, or sexuality. Their goal was to claim a space to create and foster an all-inclusive community for students of various genders, sexes, and sexualities. In the process of creating this physical space in a residence hall on campus, the student leaders involved collaborated with the Office of Diversity Programming, Women’s Studies Department and campus clubs including Alliance, and Sisters Inspiring Sisters. The space acts as a central location for individuals and organizations to have meetings, discussions and to network both inside and beyond Fairfield to combat injustice.

“This is a collective space for men and women to engage in an ongoing dialogue about the gender and sexuality injustices that occur on campus and beyond. Such dialogue will contribute to mutual understanding and active service focused around these issues,” Lang said. “We envisioned this environment as helping to foster growth in our community so that students of diverse genders and sexualities are distinguished as equals in academics, athletics, and social interactions,” she continued.

The White House announcement on the finalists quoted President Obama as saying, “All Across America, college and university students are helping our country out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world,” said President Obama. “I hope this challenge shines a light on their efforts, and inspires Americans of all ages to get involved in their communities.

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Did you know how many courses can count toward your WGS minor?

Here is an updated list of all the courses from the various departments and professional schools that can count toward a minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies.  Remarkably, the minor is only 6 classes or 18 credits.  For more information stop by DMH 203 and see Dr. Gudelunas, the program director.

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Yeah, we have a new name

It may not be official until Fall 2012, but Women’s Studies will be known as Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies.  We’ve already started using the name in some places, like this nifty new flier that you’ll be seeing around campus.

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What Makes a Family?

This guy made headlines when he spoke during the Iowa same-sex marriage debate about being raised by two lesbian mothers.  His impromptu speech to state legislators was a widely re-circulated across social media and he will be speaking on Monday March 5th at SCSU.  Worth checking out!

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Grant Money for Students

This is a great opportunity for our minors:

2012 Ella T. Grasso Leadership in Action Grant Award

The Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Ella T. Grasso Leadership in Action Grant Award.

This grant opportunity is open to young women entering their junior or senior year at a Connecticut college or university or in their second year of study at a 2-year community college. The grant program is designed to celebrate Governor Grasso’s lifetime of civic engagement and public service and to give young women real-world leadership-in-training experiences that help foster social change.

In 2012, the CWHF plans to award one $2,500 grant at the 19th Annual Induction Ceremony & Celebration on October 18. Eligible projects must be completed during the 2013 calendar year. This program is made possibly through generous funding from The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

Visit our website  for additional details and the 2012 application form. Applications must be received by July 15, 2012 for consideration.

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Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History month, and here is some publicity you’ll be seeing around campus of events that WGS is sponsoring.  Be sure to come out and take part in some of the exciting program planned by WGS and the Gender, Sex and Sexuality Commons!

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