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Spring 2013 Leadership Development on Campus

The leadership development program is a great way to combine the theories of WGS studies with leadership skills.  The leadership program will educate students in many areas related to WGS studies including ethics, social justice, and civic engagement.

Fairfield University is pleased to announce the spring 2013 Leadership Development Program offerings.

• First-year students will have the opportunity to enroll in LEAD 101: Redefining Leadership. Students in this program will be studying leadership from a theoretical point of view and applying leadership skills in ways that will support their future careers and as well as their civic identity.

• Sophomore, junior, and senior students will be able to apply for the Leadership Fellows Program. Students selected will be charged with planning and implementing leadership development focus groups, workshops, presentations, trainings, marketing, social media, and supporting LEAD 101. Fellows will be educated in many areas related to leadership development such as StrengthsQuest, MBTI, relational leadership, ethical leadership, group facilitation, social justice, and civic engagement.

More information regarding these programs and other leadership development opportunities at Fairfield can be found online.

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