News and notes from the WGS program @ Fairfield

Check Out Our WGSS Courses for Spring 2014

We are excited to announce our spring semester courses!  With registration right around the corner, be sure to think about including some of our courses in your schedule!

Course Title Course Number
Family Communication CO 246 A & B
Literature and the Visual Arts EN 171 A
Edith Wharton and Her Circle EN 235 A
Inventing Themselves: African American Women in U.S. History HI 263 A
Gender, War and Peace IL 151
Nursing of Women and the Childbearing Family NS 314 B & S
Politics, Race, Class and Gender PO 153 A
Christian Feminist Theology RS 236 A
Sociology of the Family SO 142 A & B
Race, Gender and Ethnic Relations SO 162 A & B
Women: Work and Sport SO 169 A
WGS Studies Internship WS 299 A
WGS Studies Capstone Seminar WS 301 A
WGS Studies Independent Study WS 399 A

 Please come see one of our directors in DMH 102 (Dr. Orlando) or DMH 227 (Dr. Gudelunas) or email them ( or to find out more about the program. 

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